LEFKADA, GREECE - tel. (+30) 2645021332 - fax. (+30) 2645029453
Christos Stratos - mob. (+30) 6945362891 - mail. beachmil@otenet.gr

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Please note, to purchasing a voucher or booking a Flyboard experience, you agree the following terms and conditions:
- Pilots must be over 18, in good health and be able to swim
- Pilots must be over 50 kgs and up to 130 kgs
- Anyone considered to be intoxicated by alcohol, drug or other substances will be refused access to the Flyboard and refunds will not be given
- If you have asthma or diabetes, please inform your instructor and keep your medicine close by the lake when Flyboarding.
- You cannot fly if you have heart problems or are pregnant.
- Booking is subject to availability.
- You must wear the equipment provided and follow the instructor guidance at all time. Failure to do so will result in session ending prematurely and no refunds given.
- Deposits on booking are only refunded if sessions are canceled due to bad weather.

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