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The phenomenon of the appearance of the thermal wind occurs on the northwest part of the island, where Milos Beach is situated, as well as on the southwest part, in the gulf of Vasiliki where the rest of the clubs are situated. This is not accidental. In the two edges of the island the eastern side "sucks" at some way the wind from westwards creating underpressure. Therefore due to the difference of temperature that the existence of two mountains in the particular bights creates, we have this splendid thermal wind that occurs during noon and afterwards.

The two spots have differences. In the gulf of Vasiliki the water is always flat, without waves, shallow in the first 80m. approx. and the wind is gusty. That's the reason why kiteboarding is prohibited there. In Milos Beach the water is deep, and every now & then often open sea waves appear. The wind in Milos Beach and towards the right side, is very stable and that's why this is the favourite spot of the kitesurfers.

The phenomenon occurring in Milos Beach is local either and believe it or not the real intensity and the direction of the wind is not depicted in the weather forecast. In the middle of the summer and as the hours of sunshine become more, logically the hours of intense wind become more too. Usually, during the night the wind becomes less intense, except from the days with bad weather.

Daily, around 10 in the morning, a wind of 4-6 knots starts blowing; it gradually becomes 8-12 knots around 13:00 o'clock in the afternoon, while between 14:30-15:00 pm, a thermal wind of 15-20 knots starts, that usually lasts until sunset. Many times it blows regularly up to the middle of afternoon and afterwards a stronger thermal wind 20-25 knots starts to blow till late in the afternoon.

Traditionally, the months when it's blowing strongly are from April till September, but now and then wind might occur during March and during October. In the beginning and in the end of the summer thermal wind is of less intensity but during these periods open sea waves appear more often. The last years, due to the climatic changes, all the months from April up to September have almost the same probabilities for good wind.

Milos Beach is situated at the point of the beach where the distance from the mountain is almost three times the altitude of the mountain. So, right in front of Milos Beach the thermal wind, which comes from the mountain, meets by the sea breeze and as a result the wind is stabilized there and towards the right side. From Milos Beach and to the left the wind is gusty and a little more powerful.

This is the reason that kiteboarding takes place on the right side of it since the wind is pretty stable. This is one of the reasons why kiteboarding is not allowed on the left side, while the windsurfing is carried out from Milos Beach and to left.

When you see in the weather forecast powerful northwestern winds, at the point open sea waves of height 1 until 3 metres appear.
It is real experience for a surfer to kite or windsurf on the waves of Milos Beach. These days the biggest and highest jumps can be made.

For those who these days do not wish to surf on the waves, there is an alternative proposal. In a distance of approximately 10 kms a lagoon is found in which the water is perfectly flat and the wind is a powerful as in Milos Beach. For the customers who wish to visit this lagoon, there is the possibility of transportation by mini-bus available by the club of Milos Beach Resort. These days in Vassiliki is not windy.


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